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Trading Partner/Order/Currency Information
Solicitation Number: N62473-18-Q-0625    
Synopsis: View Synopsis
Trans. Purpose: Replace
Issue Date: Amendment to Solicitation: Sep 12, 2018
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Date/Time Reference
Date ReferenceTime ZoneDate Time Period
Quote to be Received By: Sat, Sep 29, 2018 Pacific Time12:00 PM
Contact Information
Entity Identifier: Buying Party (Purchaser) NAVFAC SOUTHWEST, CORONADO FEAD/CODE ROPMN
DoD Identification: Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC) N62473
Address 1: Naval Air Station North Island
Address 2: PO Box 357007
City/State/Zip: San Diego, CA 92135-7007
Location Identifier: 
Administrative Communications Contact
Contact Function Communications Number
Buyer Name or Department:  Genard Cayanan Telephone:  6195458045
Buyer Name or Department:  Genard Cayanan Electronic Mail:
Buyer Name or Department:  Genard Cayanan Facsimile:  6195321155
Line Items
Line Item: 0001
Federal Supply Classification  S205
Download File:  N62473/N6247318Q0625Combined_Synopsis_Solicitation.pdf
Download File:  N62473/N6247318Q0625REMOTE_SITES_PWS_DATED_21_JUNE_2018.pdf
Download File:  N62473/N6247318Q0625PWS_Maps.pdf
Download File:  N62473/N6247318Q0625SCA_Wage_Determination.pdf
Line Item Product/Item Description
General Desc: Refuse Collection Services at SERE Camp, Camp Michael Monsoor, and Camp Morena
Detail Desc: Please See Synopsis

Amend Download Description Amend
0001   File1: N62473/N6247318Q0625Pricing_schedule_-_ELINS.xlsx   Modification Synopsis   09/13/18  
0002     Modification Synopsis   09/17/18  
0003     Modification Synopsis   09/18/18  
0004     Modification Synopsis   09/19/18  
0005     Modification Synopsis   09/20/18  
0006     Modification Synopsis   09/24/18  
0007     Modification Synopsis   09/25/18  
0008     Modification Synopsis   09/26/18  
0009   File1: N62473/N6247318Q0625REVISED_PWS.pdf   Modification Synopsis   09/27/18  
0010     Modification Synopsis   09/27/18  
0011     Modification Synopsis   09/28/18  
0012     Modification Synopsis   09/28/18  

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