Synopsis detail

Subject:A--Plasma Wiffleball 8.0
Synopsis Date:Feb 23, 2012
Contracting Office
N68936 NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER WEAPONS DIVISION DEPT.3a 429 E. Bowen Rd. - Stop 4015 China Lake, CA
NAICS Code:541712 Reseach and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)
Classification Code:A - Research and Development
Solicitation Number:N6893609C0125
Response Date:Mar 10, 2012
Archive Date:Mar 10, 2013
Contact Points:Helen Xiong 760-939-5124 Debbie McKellar, 760-939-9661
Description:The Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD), China Lake, CA, intends to modify on a sole source basis Contract N6893609C0125 with Energy Matter Conversion (EMC2), 1202 Parkway Drive, Suite A, Santa Fe, NM 87507, to extend the period of performance and add additional tasks. An extension and increase funding for additional tasks on Contract N68936-09-C-0125 is necessary to provide continuation of research that is directly in scope with the current requirement and it will complete the concept exploration and technology demonstration of the Plasma Wiffleball 8. During the course of the contracted study several anomalies related to how electrons were fed into the device were discovered. These anomalies must be characterized and solutions created if the device is to be made functional. To solve these anomalies, the additional effort will require the incumbent contractor to further their studies by employing independently powered electron gun arrays operating at up to 10 kilovolt (kV) to inject high energy electrons onto the Plasma Wiffleball 8 core and control the WB formation process. Additionally, a separate pulsed power system with minimum 100 amperes current rating will be utilized to power the electron gun arrays. This sole source acquisition is in accordance with FAR 6.302-1. EMC2 is the original developer of the Plasma Wiffleball approach. EMC2 owns the intellectual property rights to the developmental device and possesses an existing body of experience on the Plasma Wiffleball 8 that makes them uniquely and solely capable of further investigative work on the device. EMC2 also has a unique body of knowledge regarding the operation and performance of the Plasma Wiffleball 8, which will allow them to continue the basic research to develop an operational Plasma Wiffleball 8 device. Continued research is critical, as the long term goal is to achieve a clean nuclear energy source for the Navy and DoD. Award of the contract modification is expected on or about 29 March 2012. All responsible sources may submit a capability statement or proposal, which shall be considered by the agency. Written responses shall be submitted by e-mail to or mailed to Commander, Code 254300D (Helen Xiong), NAVAIRWARCENWPNSDIV, 429 E. Bowen Rd. Mail Stop 4015, China Lake, CA 93555-6108 within 15 days from the Notice date. Notes 22 & 26 apply.
Email:Helen Xiong

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