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Subject:Y--Synopsis for RM 11-6822 Smart Energy Installation at Naval Station Everett (NSE), Everett WA, NSE Jim Creek, Arlington WA, Pac. Beach Rec. Center, Pac. Beach WA, and NSE Smokey Point, Marysville WA.
Synopsis Date:Jan 16, 2013
Contracting Office
N44255 NAVFAC NORTHWEST 1101 Tautog Circle Silverdale, WA
NAICS Code:238210 Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
Classification Code:Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Solicitation Number:N4425513R4004
Archive Date:Sep 30, 2013
Contact Points:Andy Hart 360-396-0235 Andy Hart, Contract Specialist, Phone (360)396-0235, Email
Set-Aside:Competitive 8(a)
Description:This procurement is for the design and construction of all associated infrastructure and utilities for RM 11-6822 Smart Energy Installation AOR Wide, Various Buildings, NS Everett at Naval Station Everett, Everett WA, Naval Station Everett Jim Creek, Arlington WA, Pacific Beach Recreation Center, Pacific Beach WA, and Naval Station Everett Smokey Point, Marysville WA. This procurement uses the two-phase design-build selection procedures in accordance with FAR 36.3 and consists of one solicitation covering both phases. This procurement will be solicited utilizing 8(a) competition, with a geographic limitation of firms located in Region 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington).
Source Selection procedures will be used with the intent to award a firm-fixed price construction contract to the responsible Offeror whose proposal, conforming to the Request for Proposal (RFP), is the most advantageous and offers the best value to the government, price and other factors considered.

The work to be acquired under this solicitation is for the design and construction for repair and modernizing the Industrial Control System (ICS) of multiple facilities located in Naval Station Everett, Everett WA, Naval Station Everett Jim Creek, Arlington WA, Pacific Beach Recreation Center, Pacific Beach WA, and Naval Station Everett Smokey Point, Marysville WA. The type of work includes the repair and/or replacement of existing Direct Digital Control (DDC) building controllers, installation of new DDC building controllers and sensors, installation of computer workstation at designated network access point, programming and reprogramming of (DDC) controllers to optimize data collection, and other related incidental work. Controllers at each facility will be integrated into the existing Naval Regional Northwest Industrial Control System (NRNW ICS) for the purpose of data collection to improve energy, water and maintenance savings. The NRNW ICS network servers are located in the ICS Operation Center Building 1305 at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, Silverdale, WA. Many buildings have existing DDC building level controllers manufactured by many different vendors which are required to be made compatible with Niagara AX. The estimated total contract price range, per FAR 36.204, is between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000. This procurement shall be in accordance with FAR 52.225-9/11/12, Buy American Act– Construction Materials. The firm needs to be able to demonstrate knowledge, current relevant qualifications, experience, bonding, and the capability to perform a design/build construction contract similar to the scope indicated.

The Government intends to evaluate proposals and award without discussions. Selection for award will be based on evaluation of the following: PHASE I: Factor 1 – Technical Approach, Factor 2 – Experience, and Factor 3 – Past Performance, and Factor 4 – Safety; PHASE II: Factor 5 – Technical Solution, and Price. The Phase I evaluation will result in a determination of the most highly qualified Offeror’s. These Offeror’s will be requested to submit a Phase II proposal. A maximum of five (5) Offeror’s will be selected to submit a Phase II proposal.

THE SOLICITATION WILL BE AVAILABLE IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT ONLY. The Phase I RFP will be posted on the NECO website at on or about January 31, 2013. No hard copies will be provided. IT IS THE CONTRACTORS RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE WEBSITE PERIODICALLY FOR ANY AMENDMENTS TO THE SOLICITATION. Prospective Offeror’s MUST register on the website. Plan holders lists will not be faxed and will be available only at the website listed above.

A pre-proposal conference will be scheduled within the first two weeks of February at the Naval Undersea Museum, 1 Garnett Way, Keyport, WA 98345. The final date of the pre-proposal conference will be specified in the solicitation. The conference will also include an opportunity for Prime Contractor and Subcontractor networking. Interested Prime Contractors and Subcontractors are encouraged to participate and to come prepared for this event. Registration for the conference will be by email. Please forward attendance information to Andy Hart at A site visit will be held only during Phase II and only for those that have been selected to proceed to Phase II.

No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with this announcement, attending pre-proposal conferences or any follow-up information requests.
Place of Performance:Naval Station Everett, Everett, WA 98207 Naval Station Everett Jim Creek, Arlington, WA 98223 Pacific Beach Recreation Center, Pacific Beach, WA 98571 Naval Station Everett Smokey Point, Marysville, WA 98271, , , , US

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