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Subject:Y--Contingency Mass Migration Complex, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Synopsis Date:Jun 30, 2017
Contracting Office
N69450 NAVFAC Southeast, Building 135 P.O. Box 30 NAS Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL 32212-0030
NAICS Code:236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Classification Code:Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Solicitation Number:N6945017R1308
Contact Points:Cynthia McMonigle 904-542-1249
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Description:The Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NAVFAC SE) has been tasked to develop, solicit, and award a single-award, firm fixed-price (FFP), design-bid-build (DBB) contract for the construction of a contingency mass migration complex (Leeward South) for 13,000 migrants and 5,000 support forces, at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The estimated price range for the entire project is between $25,000,000.00 and $100,000,000.00.

The scope of this project is for the construction of a contingency mass migration complex (Leeward South) for 13,000 migrants and 5,000 support forces. Provide site shaping for tents, concrete pads for camp headquarters, galleys and dumpsters, perimeter and service roads, and Mass Notification System. Supporting facilities include utility systems (electrical, water, and sanitary sewer), exterior lighting, information systems to include fiber optic cable service, expansion of the waste, vehicle parking area, storm drainage, and removal of two family housing trailer units. Measures in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Minimum Antiterrorism for Buildings standards will be provided. Facilities will be designed to a minimum life of 50 years in accordance with DoDs Unified Facilities Code (UFC 1-200-02) including energy efficiencies, building envelope and integrated building systems performance. Sustainability/Energy measures will be provided.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued as an unrestricted requirement open to all firms in accordance with FAR Subpart 6.1, Full and Open Competition. The RFP will be open to participation by all interested firms with specialized experience and qualifications required by this contract. The NAICS code for this FFP solicitation is 236220 with a size standard of $36,500,000.

The best value continuum source selection process to be used for this acquisition is the best value lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) source selection process as describe in FAR 15.101-2. The number of proposals evaluated for technical acceptability may be limited to the three lowest priced offers at the discretion of the Contracting Officer. If the number of proposals to be evaluated is limited, technical proposals shall be provided to the evaluator(s) without any identification of prices or any rank order of prices. If no proposals are found to be technically acceptable within the first group of proposals, then the process described will be conducted again as many times as necessary, until such time as the Government identifies a technically acceptable proposal.

Interested firms will be required to submit a price proposal and a non-cost/price proposal. Offerors who fail to submit a price proposal and non-cost/price proposal will not be considered for an award. Award will be made to the offeror whose total price and non-cost/price proposal offers the best value to the Government. Proposals will be evaluated on total price for the project.

Contract award is anticipated on or around 23 November 2017. This will be an electronic solicitation, which can be downloaded from Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) at The solicitation will be available at this site no earlier than 15 days after this pre-solicitation notice is posted.

A Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visit will be provided at a later time. Details on the Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visit will be provided in the solicitation. Entry Clearance forms have been included with this pre-solicitation notice (Attachments have been uploaded to NECO in a ZIP file and PDF file with this pre-solicitation notice). Failure to complete and return all Entry Access Documentation by the to-be-determined deadlines will result in access being denied to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for the Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visit.

Proposals will be due no earlier than 30 days after the solicitation is released (exact date and time will be specified in the solicitation). Offerors are responsible for checking the FedBizOpps website for the solicitation and any subsequent amendments that may be issued. NO CONTRACT AWARD WILL BE MADE TO ANY CONTRACTOR THAT IS NOT REGISTERED OR IN THE PROCESS OF REGISTERING WITH THE DOD SYSTEM FOR AWARD MANAGEMENT (SAM). PLEASE VISIT THE SAM WEBSITE AT FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO REGISTER.

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